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Emma started to play the drums when she was 11 years old. She was inspired by seeing a local samba band perform at a carnival which led to  joining a marching band and learning the snare drum. She then went on to learning the full kit in her teens before playing in bands and orchestras both in and out of school.

After graduating from the University of Reading in Film and Drama, Emma began freelancing as an editor in post production for film and video. She was still making music but was instead, more focused on composition for short film and performance projects using sequencers.

"Emma Holbrook's been gaining new recognition on the Bristol Jazz scene. She's been busily drumming behind an eclectic range of folk and groove projects for some time"
Bristol 24/7 Magazine


Emma moved to Bristol in 2014 to pursue music and drumming on a full time basis. She cut her teeth at the (sadly no more) Leftbank night club at their jam night, playing house drums for 18 months. It was from nights such as these that she went on to meet many of her now peers, with whom she has been in bands and ensembles with since. She moved back to her native Somerset during the pandemic where she still resides but continues to work all over the UK as well as gigging locally in Bristol and Bath.


Emma has also appeared once or twice on television adverts and also sometimes produces music videos and short form content for bands and artists in the UK. Emma's other passion is film and film music so she loves to be involved in projects that crossover between those disciplines. A particular career highlight for her was being on a national UK tour with Kathryn Williams playing her album 'Night Drives' which was produced by Ed Harcourt. 

She's also twice taken part in during the pandemic where she played continuous stints of 12 and 9 hours to help raise money for children's mental health charities. along with lots of other drummers from all over the world.

Emma plays with a wide number of artists all over the UK including

ABOVE: Emma recording at the former Toybox studios, St Pauls, Bristol.
DSC05787 copy.jpg

Emma is also a percussionist and self taught pianist. She regularly plays piano for both ballet and contemporary dance on the National Dance CAT scheme. She has worked with a vast range of international choreographers and dancers both as a live percussionist and composer.

Emma also plays cajon, bodhran and frame drum for folk ensembles as well as contemporary dance and experimental / improvisatory projects.

Emma is a member of the Musician's Union and has public liability insurance with the MU and Allianz.


She is endorsed by Protection Racket Drum and Cymbal Cases

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